Who We Are

We provide nourishing food to thousands of Australians in a variety of different ways.

  • Through our retail stores in the Sydney CBD and North Sydney
  • Delivered straight to your door step at home or at work
  • Catering for office and corporate events

The idea for the business was formed by our Founder, Eric, who came across “grab and go” food concepts whilst working as a lawyer in London. However these were not like the “grab and go” rubbish we are used to in Australia from servos and supermarkets. It was fresh, healthy, tasty and affordable!

Upon moving back to Sydney, Eric, being sick of the corporate world, and adamant this type of business would work in Australia, launched the business in October 2017 opening our first store on Pitt St, in the Sydney CBD. The launch of the first store was….a complete disaster! We found Aussie consumers questioning the freshness of our product because it was packaged (we’ve all had a horrible servo sandwich before!), but not knowing we make our products fresh everyday, by hand, in store, using the best ingredients, with love (ok enough of the sales pitch sorry).

It took time, however with a relentless commitment to freshness and quality, and thousands of hours speaking to customers (and even showing them inside our kitchen to prove we made our products fresh!), we gained the trust from our customers. Customers told their friends, who then told their friends and suddenly, more stores were opened.

With such high demand, we wanted to get our same nourishing food into workplaces and at home and we provide both these services all across Sydney.

Our Mission

We want to empower all Australians to eat well and feel well with nutritious food, that also tastes good! We’ve taken a simplistic approach, cutting out the crap, only leaving room for good quality, honest food. It is not difficult to order a burger and chips quickly and cheaply, but the same can’t be said for healthy food – we are changing that.

We believe in the close connection of nourishing fresh food with overall well being, and want to play a part in helping our customers achieve that whether its by eating at our stores, eating at home, and enjoying catering at an event.


We only have 1 planet earth, and we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment as much as we can. Some of our initiatives to ensure we achieve this:

  • Over 99% of packaging used is recyclable
  • Use of plant based plastic which is compostable instead of conventional plastics
  • Use of biodegradable packaging
  • Use of recyclable paper straws instead of plastic
  • Use of recyclable paper bags instead of plastic
  • 50c discount for using your own cup instead of disposable coffee cups
  • Use of recycling bins in stores, and organic waste bins in our kitchens
  • Sustainably sourced seafoods
  • Use of RSPCA approved chicken
  • Use of energy and water saving equipment

Fighting Food Waste with OzHarvest

We are a proud supporter of OzHarvest. Every fresh item not sold at the end of the day is donated to help feed the less fortunate and fight food waste. We are committed to having a positive impact on the planet we live in, and support great causes like OzHarvest. We have donated over 60,000 food items to OzHarvest and counting!

Supporting Aussie Farmers

All of our fresh produce is sourced from Australian farmers. We are committed to supporting our local farmers, and why wouldn’t we…they are the best in the world!

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