For those who have had to cater for the office, know it can be awfully tricky. Not only do you need to note down everyone’s allergies and dietary requirements (a never ending list at times), but also make sure you order enough, that the food is presented well, delivered on time, and most importantly enjoyed by everyone!

That’s why we’ve listed the TOP 5 mistakes commonly made, and how to prevent them from happening.

No.1Not ordering enough

Don’t worry – it’s hard to get this right every time. Sometimes you order too little and sometimes you order too much. Here’s a few tips to ensure you order just right with Real Peas.

  1. Look at the icons/our recommendation:

We have icons for our sandwiches, wraps and baguettes platter that show what a small, medium, and large option consists of. We also state how many people our platters will serve. Sometimes it will state “as a side” which means you should order something else to go with it.

  1. Think of who is eating:

Is it more female dominant or male? Males tend eat more, and enjoy those carby, filling options. If you know it’s more male dominant, we suggest ordering a large. More often than not there won’t be much left!

  1. Reach out to us! We are more than happy to give you a draft quote on what we think would be suitable for you, or just to reassure you that what you’ve got sounds spot on.

No.2 – Forgetting to mention allergen’s

It can be easy to forget to mention who has what allergy, and before you know it you’ve ordered all this lovely food but forgot to include gluten free options for example, and someone misses out. If we are aware of any allergens or dietary requirements, we will make sure we include enough tasty food for everyone, as well as label and package the food separately to avoid any cross contamination.

No.3Asking for the food to be delivered the moment you want to eat it!

The meeting has wrapped up early and everyone is ready to eat, but the food isn’t there yet…oh dear! Their hunger turns into anger which means you have a bunch of hangry people surrounding you! (The most dangerous kind)

To avoid this, we suggest asking for the order to be delivered 30 minutes before you’d like to eat. This way you are guaranteed that the food will be there in time, even if it’s a little earlier than expected! Real Peas like to deliver 10 minute before the time you’ve requested, just so we’re on the safe side too 😊

No.4 – Not knowing that we do last minute orders!

You may have been asked to organise a catering….1 hour before the meeting! Don’t stress, it happens a lot. It’s common that most catering companies will say no to this request, however we can do it! As we have kitchens locally in the Sydney CBD and North Sydney, our staff will always do their best to have your order quickly made and delivered. If you have an urgent catering request, call us on (02) 9252 1982 and we will take care of the res.

No.5 Being too scared to try new things!

It can be a little daunting ordering something new that nobody has tried before, or maybe you haven’t ordered with us at all. If that’s the case, reach out and we can drop off some samples. That way you can try the food before you buy the food, see how it’s presented, and feel reassured that everyone will love it when you decide to order!

Have an event coming up?

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