Staying safe inside your homes with your roommates, family, or just yourself means you’re in charge of your breakfasts, lunch, dinners and snacks throughout the day. Cooking can be enjoyable, but sometimes having a meal prepared for you, saves you the stress of finding the right ingredients, and the time to cook it.

That’s why we have chosen to partner with our wonderful friends at Fresh Fodder to provide you with delicious, hearty and soul soothing soups to keep you nourished and warm for lunch and dinner. Some of you may have tried these tasty soups in store already, and now you can order them online in a 2.2kg size to feed yourself and others throughout the week at the comfort of your own home.

Below is the range of hearty and delicious soups we have on offer.

Classic Tomato & Herbs Soup. 2.2kgBlended tomatoes with onion, garlic, oregano with a dash of salt and pepperVegetarian
Chunky Chicken, Lemon and Rice Soup. 2.2kgShredded chicken with a mix of vegetables, kale, rice and a dash of cracked pepperGluten Free.

Contains Egg & Yeast extract


Hearty Spiced Pork and Fennel Soup. 2.2kgSpiced pork with vegetables, kale, lentils and a little pasta.Contains Gluten
Classic Creamy Pumpkin Soup. 2.2kgRoasted, sweet Kent pumpkin with aromatic spicesContains Gluten & Corn Starch


Vegetable, Lentils, Kale & Quinoa Soup. 2.2kgMarket fresh veggies with kale, lentils, and quinoa with a zesty lemon finish.Vegetarian

We deliver 25km within the Sydney CBD, however if you’re outside that radius, please contact us on 02 9252 1982 to enquire.