Shockingly, over more than 1 billion takeaway coffee cups are produced, sold, and thrown into landfill. Polyethylene, often found in most takeaway coffee cups, are not reusable, recyclable, and can damage your health. Founded by Rebecca Veksler, SoL is an Australian owned company, evolved by the desire to  make a reusable cup that is plastic free and toxins free.

Partnering Real Peas with SoL was a no-brainer, but why?

The cups are environmentally friendly, portable, and most importantly – indefinitely reusable! Made with hand blown glass, the SoL cups wont absorb residual tastes, odours, germs, and leach chemicals into your beverage! Knowing we can serve our delicious Real Peas coffee, or any other drinks into the SoL cups without the chemicals or bad taste affecting the flavour, is a done deal!