Fast food has been around for years and years, heavily marketed to us as this delicious, cheap, convenient meal –  and it’s worked. A study conducted in 2018, found that 83% of Australians admit to enjoying unhealthy fast food. This type of food may be delicious and easy to order, but it’s negative effects from consumption can easily outweigh any positives. 

1. You may feel lethargic and tired

With the large serving sizes that come with fast food such as the popular burger, fries and coke combos, it’s easy to overeat, which can leave you feeling full, bloated, and lethargic. Due to the high sugar content, your body sugar levels may spike, then crash, leaving you feeling more tired than before you ate. 

2. Your skin may break out

Food high in simple sugars often found in white flour, are the foods that will have a greater negative impact on your skin. These foods increase congestion of oils, block the pores and deteriorate the skin, and can contribute and sometimes be the cause of an acne breakout. 

3. Memory and cognitive function 

Some fast food can be filled with saturated fats, and research has shown that saturated fats can impact your memory speed.

4. Teeth decay

Soda drinks can increase the amount of acidity in your mouth, which is a huge contributor to decaying teeth. Although your fast food order of chips, fried chicken, chips and a fizzy drink may be cheap, visiting the dentist for tooth decay isn’t.

5. Increased risk of obesity 

Fast food is filled with saturated fats, sugars, and carbs, and it’s very easy to overconsume. Due to fast food being filled with empty calories with little to no positive nutrition, your body will process the calories to fat, causing you to gain weight faster.

We’re the first to admin, junk food can be tasty! And everything in proportion. Whilst these meals can be assumed as a treat, they should not form part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle.