Office morning tea and afternoon teas are great way to get the team together, take a break, have a laugh, and enjoy a light snack! Often occurring around the 10am and 3pm times, it is the perfect excuse to justify eating between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As it is more of a snack to get you through to the next main meal, it can be tricky to decide what to choose to eat.

No need to stress though, we are experts in corporate and office catering, and have you covered with our endless choices!

Our morning tea and afternoon tea platters are perfect for, well, morning and afternoon tea! With a selection of muffins, chocolate brownies, and indulgent nut bars, it’s suitable for everyone’s taste buds. We have a wide selection of healthy, gluten free and vegan options also – most importantly, they are all tasty!

We offer a combination of platters and also single serve individually packed if your office or event prefers this type of packaging. All individually packed items and platters are packed in eco-friendly 100% recyclable packaging.

Need something a little more filling? Our freshly baked pastries, quiches and frittatas will hit the spot. From a selection of plain buttery and chocolate croissants, Danish swirls an freshly baked quiches and frittatas, these will all be a hit!

If you’re ever unsure of what to order, do not hesitate and us a call on (02) 9252 1982 or emails us at . Our customer service team are always on standby to help you put a menu together and take on last minute requests.

See our catering menu here:

We deliver throughout Sydney including the Sydney CBD and offer last minute orders and next day delivery.