We have partnered with a family-owned, healthy meals business, My Chef. Based in the Riverina, Wagga Wagga, My Chef provides delicious frozen meals with high quality ingredients and produce, free from any artificial flavours and preservatives.

These meals are perfect for home, are filled with nutrients, and we offer a wide selection that will please the entire family. We have included family meals like the 2.2kg Beef Ragu Lasagne, or individual meals such as the Roast Lamb with Baked Potatoes and Home Made Gravy.

Below is a list of all the options available online under the ‘Hot Meals and Soups’ tab in the catering offering. Order yours today!



BEEF RAGU LASAGNE FAMILY MEAL A rich beef ragu lasagna layered with creamy bechamel sauce. Stored frozen. 2kg family size.
BBQ PULLED PORK FAMILY MEAL Mouth-watering southern texas style slow cooked BBQ pulled pork. Versatile to the max, this dish can be used in burritos, enjoyed as warm pulled pork rolls, served with a fresh salad or with a side of potato bake. Stored frozen. 1kg.
SITTEE’S LEBANESE CHICKEN FAMILY MEAL ‘Sittee’ is Lebanese for grandmother and this tasty chicken dish has a rich tomato sauce infused with our grandmother’s love and Lebanese spices, best served with rice. Stored frozen. 1kg




BBQ PULLED PORK WITH POTATO GRATIN MAIN MEAL A southern texas style slow cooked BBQ pulled pork with a garlic and herb infused crispy potato gratin, served with a side of seasonal vegetables. Stored frozen.  400gm.
INDIAN VEGETABLE CURRY WITH SPICED EGGPLANT & POTATO MAIN MEAL Indian homemade vegetable curry served with a mouth-watering side of spiced eggplant and potato. Stored frozen. 400g.
SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE MAIN MEAL An all time favourite, this spag bol won’t disappoint, served with a side of seasonal vegetables. Stored frozen. 400gm.
ROAST LAMB WITH BAKED POTATOES AND HOMEMADE GRAVY MAIN MEAL Traditional roast with baked potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy made with a rich homemade stock. Stored frozen. 400gm.