Did you notice something wooly in your delivery box?

Real Peas is proud to join forces as a planet protector in packaging!

You may have noticed some wool in your delivery packs when you opened them up.  This wool is made from 100% sheep’s wool, perfect for protecting and insulating the the packaging to keep your food as fresh as can be.

Why did we choose sheep wool for insulation?

Sheep wool is the first practical alternative to polystyrene and other unsustainable insulated packaging. It is also recyclable and compostable making it the most environmentally responsible!

Woolpack is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable felted sheep’s wool, sealed within a recyclable food grade wrap. The wool that is used is considered “waste” or “leftover” from wool mills so it has an added benefit of use and also reduces landfill.

The Woolpack is made of a complex blend of different wool fibers to give the wool optimum insulation properties. After the wool is sourced, it is scoured, naturally washed in hot water and soap, and felted to make the insulation material to the required specs.

The Woolpack is incredibly hygienic as it is sterilised resulting in it smelling like a freshly made, new pure wool jumper. The wool is wrapped and sealed inside a recyclable, food grade polyethylene wrap prevents the fibers coming into direct contact with your food and any other products.

To find our more about the Planet Protector Packaging. please visit https://planetprotectorpackaging.com/

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