A cohesive team does not evolve over night. To build a positive sense of culture in the workplace, employees need to build relations with each other through trust, friendship and respect. One easy and affordable way to strengthen and improve the culture of your team is to provide team lunches. Team lunches can bring the team together (because hey, who doesn’t like free food!), encourage socialising and form stronger relationships, and overall improve team culture. 

Brings people together

Working in a busy office may look social, but in reality a lot of our time can be spent focusing solely on a screen, and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for social engagement.

A catered lunch for the office is a great way to bring everyone together, and get those who often choose to eat lunch at their desk, keep to themselves and new hires all together. Communication is incredibly important within a workforce, and a bonding team lunch can be such a simple solution to forming stronger relationships in the business, over a not so formal setting.

Staff feel valued

It is commonly conveyed by staff that they feel appreciated and valued when the company provides a catered meal for them. By offering services like this to staff, it can boost morale and an overall sense of happiness within a job, and in return increase productivity. A team lunch can be versatile, and can embed certain cultures and too. This encourages diversity within the workplace, by doing themed lunches such as Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Italian… the list goes on! 

A healthier workplace 

In a fast paced work environment, many staff may choose fast food, such as burgers and chips. As a result, they may feel a little deflated and unmotivated, resulting in unproductive work. Staff may also feel as though they don’t have time to duck out for lunch, and remain seated at their desk for the duration of the day. This is actually less beneficial, as it is more productive to give yourself at least a 30 minute break each day to help regroup. With a team lunch, you can encourage healthy eating, with nutrient dense food like salads, sandwiches, fruits and more. When staff feel healthy, they feel happy, and that is crucial! 

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